Estimation & aproximate fourier coefficients

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Jenny Melynda Siagian
Jenny Melynda Siagian on 1 Jan 2022
Part 1: Estimating the Values ​​of Ao, An, and Bn with Fourier Series (Discrete)
- Estimate the value of Ao, An, and Bn with the Fourier Series and display the results in tabular and graphical form. (*n = Total Data)
Part 2: Approximation with Fourier Series (Discrete)
- Perform Approximation based on Ao, An, and Bn with Fourier Series.
- Compare the Approximation Result Graph with Size Data and Calculate the RMSe Value.
- How many "n" you have to involve in order to get the function that best fits the result of the measure.

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Sulaymon Eshkabilov
Sulaymon Eshkabilov on 1 Jan 2022
(1) Take a sample function or data to find estimated Fourier Series coeffs
(2) Call Curve Fitting Toolbox
(3) Obtain the coeff's A0 A1 A2 ...An and B1 B2 ... Bn
Here is a nice doc on curve fitting toolbox for such exercises:
Or you can write a fcn file of your own. Here is an example code:

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