How can I feed the outputs of a predict block back into its inputs?

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Hello all,
I would like to return the outputs of a Predict block to its input in Simulink. In the Predict block I use a neural network of type DLNetwork, which is forward directed (not recursive). As input format I use 'CT'. The network expects 5 inputs and gives 2 outputs. If I do not feed back the inputs, everything works. Here is a minimal example:
But when I feed back the inputs, I get the following error messages:
  • Layer 'Input': Invalid input data. Invalid size of channel dimension. Layer expects input with channel dimension size 5 but received input with size 1. Function 'Predict1/MLFB' (#1113.64.309), line 2, column 19: "deep.blocks.internal.deepNetwork({in_1}, {size(in_1)}, {class(in_1)}, coder.cons" Launch diagnostic report.
  • 'untitled1/Predict1/MLFB' or the model referenced by it contains a block that updates persistent or state variables while computing outputs and is not supported in an algebraic loop. It is in an algebraic loop with the following blocks.
How do I manage in Simulink to return the outputs of the Predict block without getting an error?
Many thanks in advance.
teasy on 13 Jan 2022
What is a Summer junction? I only use mux and demux blocks. These should be suitable for my operation according to the documentation.

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