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Random save two large matrices in the same manner?

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Salem on 16 Nov 2014
Commented: Salem on 16 Nov 2014
I have a matrix M1 and a vector M2. M1 is 4d matrix sized [150*150*3*9000] and the vector M1 is [9000*1]. Both of them saved using this command, save ('data. mat','M1','M2','-7,3'). I want to save the data randomly in both M1 & M2 but I need the rows in both M1 & M2 go together because M1 is the labeled or value of the images in M2. I tried many code, but after the change I found new rows in M2 is pointing to new rows in M1 which change the labels of the data. I tried for loop, but I've gone out of memory. So, could someone please share with me some an efficient code or way to do like this operation. Thanks in advanced.
Salem on 16 Nov 2014
Thanks Guillaume,
Thanks for replying. I want to save the variables in the matrix randomly. like
Sorry for adding irrelevant tags and products, I though images may is related because this matrix are images.

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the cyclist
the cyclist on 16 Nov 2014
Edited: the cyclist on 16 Nov 2014
Here's one way. It will shuffle M1 and M2 in place:
% Smaller version of your data
M1 = rand(5,5,3,9);
M2 = rand(9,1);
% Create an random index into your matrices
idx = randperm(9);
% Shuffle both matrices by the same index, preserving the relationship
M1 = M1(:,:,:,idx);
M2 = M2(idx);
Then you can save them.

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