Installing LibSVM on Mac OSX 10.9.2 (mex file error)

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MiauMiau on 17 Nov 2014
Commented: jchuan on 12 Dec 2014
I have tried to install the libsvm package with
mex -setup
(since "make" resulted in an error). This was followed by one choice for a compiler, so I chose "1". Afterwards I typed in "make" got the following error though:
xcrun: error: SDK "macosx10.7" cannot be located
clang: warning: no such sysroot directory: '-mmacosx-version-min=10.7'
libsvmread.c:1:10: fatal error: 'stdio.h' file not found
#include <stdio.h>
1 error generated.
mex: compile of ' "libsvmread.c"' failed.
If make.m fails, please check README about detailed instructions.
What can I do?

Answers (1)

Ken Atwell
Ken Atwell on 17 Nov 2014
What version of MATLAB, and what version of Xcode are you running?
My guess is that you're running a new version of Xcode, a version that no longer ships the OS X 10.7 SDK that your version of MATLAB was based around. Your options vary depending on your MATLAB release, so let us know.
jchuan on 12 Dec 2014
It seems like the matlab shell script '../bin/mex' for compiling c/c++ always has this kind of problems. This is quite annoying.
Solution: the libsvm gives two methods (run 'make' in matlab command window and run 'make' in teminal under '../libsvm/matlab' folder) to build target.
My way is to run make in terminal. If you meet 'bin/mex: line 1385: gcc-4.2: command not found' problem. try forcing making 'CC' to point to 'clang' command.
Btw: Im using os x 10.10 and matlab 2012b.

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