Source Control in a SIMULINK Project

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chef13 on 18 Nov 2014
Commented: Trevor Fry on 19 May 2017
Hi to everyone,
I am sorry if this is a stupid question but I want to be sure about it.
Until now I was working without SIMULINK projects but just with single SIMULINK models.
Now I would like to switch to SIMULINK projects in order to exploit their Source Control features (In particular I will use GIT).
I read:
When you use Git in Simulink Project, you can:
  1. Create local Git repositories.
  2. Fetch files from remote Git repositories.
  3. Create and switch branches.
  4. Merge branches locally.
  5. Commit locally.
  6. Push files to remote Git repositories.
So, from what I understand adding Source Control capabilities will allow me to perform all the GIT actions not from terminal but directly inside MATLAB-SIMULINK environment.
These are all the advantages or including source control to my projects will also help me to have a more robust commit-push-pull behavior? I mean, in SIMULINK we use for example .slx files, is it possible that they will be corrupted by a commit-push procedure done just with the GIT commands from terminal?
I hope you understood what I meant.
Thanks for your help,
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Trevor Fry
Trevor Fry on 19 May 2017
You can mark .slx files as binaries and so that GIT knows not merge these files on its own. See "Register Model Files with Git" at

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