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How to concatenate selected data of two .mat files

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I have two .mat files, named A.mat and B.mat. Those files have 1000 lines and 10 columns. they are both in format "Table".
I would like to create a new table, name C.mat, which is the file A.mat but has the last column of file B.mat added as an additional column.
The column 11 of the file C.mat is the column 10 of the file B.mat. The rest of the file C.mat is equal to the file A.mat
The file C.mat must be in the format double, as I have float numbers in all cells. Table2cell will do?
I thank you all in advance,
Best regards,

Accepted Answer

KSSV on 20 Jan 2022
Let A, B be your tables.
C = A ;
C.last = B.(10) ; % instead of last you give your required name
Hugo on 20 Jan 2022
Thank you for your swift reply. How can I use your code if I would like to use .mat files for my tables A,B and C?
Best regards,
KSSV on 20 Jan 2022
You said the mat files have tables. Load the mat files and instead of A and B use the respective file's table array variable.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 20 Jan 2022
If t1 and t2 are your tables, how about just tacking on the right column?
t3 = [t1, t2(:, end)]
t1 and t2 both need to have the same number of rows. If not, look into the join() function.


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