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plotting poly shape with multiple regions and no holes plots some regions as holes

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I converted some voronoi cells into regions in polyshape using polyshape and addboundary with the 'Simplify' == false option. When I plot the resulting polyshape that contains 38 regions and no holes, the resulting plot does not shade some of the cells making it look like there are holes. However, if I plot each region individually, it plots correctly, as shown by plotting region 9 in second figure. (This is on Intel Macbook Pro). Is this a bug?

Answers (1)

Dinesh on 1 Feb 2024
Hi Robert,
The issue you're experiencing with the plot of polyshape regions not shading correctly may not necessarily be a bug, but rather a rendering or display issue. It can occur due to the complexity of the combined polyshape when plotting all 38 regions at once. To address this, you can try increasing the display resolution or adjusting the plot settings to improve the rendering of the combined polyshape. Additionally, make sure your MATLAB and graphics drivers are up-to-date, as updates can sometimes resolve rendering issues.
If you are still facing this issue, please share the code so that I can analyze it.


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