Beginner coding; my second, simpler approach at trying to make all elements distinct.

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Thomas John Rees
Thomas John Rees on 16 Feb 2022
Answered: James Tursa on 16 Feb 2022
So this is what I've come up with on my own to print a 3x3 random matrix of integers only; no element value exceeding n^2 (9 in this case). I think I've done that correctly, it seems to be working. Keep in mind I've just started learning.
what can I add to ensure that every element will be unique, i.e for this case, all numbers 1-9 should be represented ONCE in the 3x3 matrix; none repeating. As you can see from what I've pasted from the command window, there are two 8's!
If you're willing please explain the thought behind it and exactly how I should approach modifying what's existing. Thanks!
n =
q =
7.3798 4.7820 5.4986
6.4652 2.9263 7.0092
8.7178 0.9507 3.8111
ans =
8 5 6
7 3 8
9 1 4

Answers (1)

James Tursa
James Tursa on 16 Feb 2022
FYI, to generate random integers you can use the randi( ) function instead of ceil(value*rand( )):
To get unique integers you can use the randperm( ) function. E.g.,
That will get you a vector. To get a matrix simply reshape the result:




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