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Create Correlogram plot with given data

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Hello everyone,
I'm trying to plot an ACF and PACF according to my given data, but I dont seem to find a way to do so. If anyone knows a way to do so and wants to share I would highly appreciate it!
Bellow is my set of data:

Accepted Answer

Enrico Gambini
Enrico Gambini on 20 Feb 2022
If you don't have any input file (such as a txt or a csv) from where you can import data directly into matlab, I guess you need to do it manually. I will do it for you for ACF and PACF vectors, you need just to copy the code into your matlab, then i reccomend you to have a look at the basics of the language here:
lags=[1:9]; %creating the x-axis vector
ACF=[0.833,0.796,0.723,0.659,0.59,0.536,0.493,0.454,0.413]; %creating a row column of ACF values
PACF=[0.833,0.343,0.013,-0.027,-0.048,0.002,0.036,0.026,-0.017]; %creating a row column of PACF values
You can use the same approach for the last two row vectors.
Dimitrios Tsampas
Dimitrios Tsampas on 20 Feb 2022
It works! I really apreciate it Enrico. I will take a look at the basics of Matlab. Now, I only wonder if I could make an assumption about N. We don't really know the size of the sample. Any idea would be welcome.
Enrico Gambini
Enrico Gambini on 21 Feb 2022
If the size of the sample is actually unknown, make an assumption on N would be no-sense

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