Multiple Joints on flexible parts in Simscape Multibody

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I am working on the study of the dynamic of a body during a transportation on a truck. During the transportation three accelerometers were attached to the body. I am studying the accelerations seen by some points of the body and caused by the truck base movements.
In Simscape Multibody I can model the body as a rigid body and apply a 6 dof joint in one point to reproduce the truck base movements (Three displacements and three rotations). I was thinking to model the body as a flexible body and apply directly the displacements or accelerations obtained by the accelerometers in the same points they were physically attached by using three reference frames. Is it possible to apply multiple joints with actuation to the same flexible body?
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J Chen
J Chen on 11 Mar 2022
Edited: J Chen on 11 Mar 2022
You can add new frames to the body elements. The new frames will have new associated ports. You can apply the forces at these ports.




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