how to build histograms from a cell array

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Hugo on 24 Feb 2022
Commented: Jan on 24 Feb 2022
I have a cell array with 20 cells of 1000*10 tables. I would like to build 20 histograms, each for each cell of the array (table of 1000 lines and 10 columns). However, doing a for cycle to do it return a error saying that scripts are not allowed. How can this problem be solved?
I thank you in advance,
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Jan on 24 Feb 2022
"saying that scripts are not allowed" - post a copy of the original message instead of paraphrasing it. The details matter.
Usually this message means, that you create a script in a function file. Scripts must appear on top of functions in M-files. So please post your code such that a modification can be suggested. Your problem has no relation to histograms, but it concerns writing scripts and functions in general.

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