how to use a for cycle with strings as variables

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I would like to write 10 variables at once in separate files. Is there a way to make my code more efficient? I am thinking of using a "for" cycle, but I can't do it in this case.
writematrix(data1, "data1.txt");
writematrix(data2, "data2.txt");
writematrix(data3, "data3.txt");
writematrix(data4, "data4.txt");
writematrix(data5, "data5.txt");
writematrix(data6, "data6.txt");
writematrix(data7, "data7.txt");
writematrix(data8, "data8.txt");
writematrix(data9, "data9.txt");
writematrix(data10, "data10.txt");
I thank you in advance,
Best regards,
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Stephen23 on 25 Feb 2022
"Is there a way to make my code more efficient?"
Avoid numbered variable names.
Use indexing in a loop.

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Jan on 25 Feb 2022
As soon as you do not hide indices in the names of variables, but use arrays instead, the code is trivial:
for k = 1:10
writematrix(data{k}, sprintf('data%i.txt', k));
By the way, prefer to include leading zweos for the numbering of the files:
sprintf('data%03i.txt', k)
Then the alphabetical order is the numerical order also.

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