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Excel files: how to open, edit, and then close file without causing file to become "Read-Only" in MATLAB

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Keilan on 9 Dec 2014
Edited: Walter Roberson on 13 Apr 2020
Hi all,
I am having difficulties with editing an Excel file in MATLAB. My ultimate goal is to edit the formatting in the file, particularly the cell borders. When I run this script, it creates the borders that I want, but the Excel file becomes "Read-Only" and I cannot save the changes I've made. I am not sure what is causing the file to become read-only. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, K
% Link to Excel
Excel = actxserver('Excel.Application');
Excel.Workbooks.Open('C:\Users\Keilan\Documents\MATLAB Expirements\2014\MATLAB to Excel test.xlsm');
double = get(Excel.ActiveWorkBook.Sheets,'Item',3); % Want to edit 3rd sheet in workbook
% Number associated with each border: left, right, top, bottom
lt = 1;
rt = 2;
% tp = 3;
bt = 4;
% Add in the periodic borders required
for kk = 1:ct
% Row numbers of interest
rn1 = 1 + 3*kk; % R1, A(rn1):E(rn2). R2, BG(rn1):BK(rn2)
rn2 = 3 + 3*kk; % R3, A(rn2):BK(rn6)
% Ranges of interest
R1 = sprintf('A%d:E%d',rn1,rn2); %'A4:E6';
R2 = sprintf('BG%d:BK%d',rn1,rn2); % 'BG4:BK6';
R3 = sprintf('A%d:BK%d',rn2,rn2); % 'A6:BK6';
Range1 = Excel.Range(R1);
Range2 = Excel.Range(R2);
Range3 = Excel.Range(R3);
% Create solid borders in desired locations
Excel.Visible = 1; % Open the Excel spreadsheet
% Excel.ActiveWorkbook.Save; % Tried this, didn't work either
delete(Excel); % Close the activex server
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matt dash
matt dash on 9 Dec 2014
I have 0 experience with the excel activexserver, but quick idea: Do you also have the workbook open in an actual Excel instance? I think that would lock it.

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Accepted Answer

Guillaume on 9 Dec 2014
If you don't save the workbook and don't quit excel, the workbook will remain open in excel and be left read-only by excel, thus before closing the activex server:
Side Note: Rather than using ActiveWorkbook, I would use the workbook object returned by the Workbooks.Open method:
workboox = Excel.Workbooks.Open('C:\Users\Keilan\Documents\MATLAB Expirements\2014\MATLAB to Excel test.xlsm');
sheet = workbook.Sheets.Item(3);
And certainly don't use double as a variable name!
Monty on 6 Apr 2018
xlApp = actxserver('Excel.Application');
xlWorkbook =xlApp.workbooks.Open(fullfile([PathName,FileName]));
Using delete property closes the com for me.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 10 Dec 2014
Look at my attached Excel class. See the methods in there like FormatRightBorder(). (Sorry, it's a work in progress and there are a few things done in different ways, but it works.)
Also, see my attached Excel demo - it doesn't make the file read only.
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Keilan on 18 Dec 2014
Thank you for your help and for passing along your Excel class files. I have not read them cover to cover yet but thus far they look very interesting and useful. I appreciate it!

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Pruthvi G
Pruthvi G on 13 Apr 2020
% Name : Delete_sheets_Excel
% Author : Pruthvi Raj G :: (9677066394 :: )
% Version : Version 1.0 - 2011b Compactible
% Description : Deleting Excel Sheets required after writing data to Excel.
% Input : File_Name with path included , Sheet_name / Sheet_names.
% Date : 22-April-2019
% Examples : Delete_sheets_Excel('D:\Pruthvi\Test_file.xls',{'Sheet1','Sheet2'}) %To delete 2 sheets
% Delete_sheets_Excel('D:\Pruthvi\Test_file.xls','Sheet1')
% Delete_sheets_Excel('D:\Pruthvi\Test_file.xls') % Takes 'Sheet1' as Default
Use the Below Lines of Code ::

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