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Jason on 11 Dec 2014
Commented: denny on 13 May 2018
I have a pushbutton on a gui that calls a seperate function. In this function I create a figure and perform four suplots.
The figure is create via:
hFig = figure('Name','Histograms from gtc Files', 'Resize','on', 'Position',[400 100 1000 800],'numbertitle','off','visible','on');
After the subplot are plotteds, I want to autosave the whole figure and copy to clipboard. (hardcoded within my function.)
The autosave works after reading how to do it:
hgexport(hFig, savepath, hgexport('factorystyle'), 'Format', 'jpeg');
But I cannot get the copy to clipboard to work. I have tried both
%Copy to clipboard
print -dmeta -noui
and this approach
hCopyFigure = findobj(hFig,'Label','Copy &Figure'); %# Handle for the "Copy
%# Figure" menu item
I can't find anywhere that shows a clear way to do it. Thanks Jason

Accepted Answer

Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski on 11 Dec 2014
Edited: Sean de Wolski on 11 Dec 2014
>> print -clipboard -dbitmap
>> print -clipboard -dmeta

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 11 Dec 2014
MATLAB's clipboard() function can't handle it, but leave it to Yair to find a way:
denny on 13 May 2018

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