How do I insert errobar to a timeseries line, specifying the time length of the errorbars

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I have a timeseries of five years of data. I need to make various line graphs with errorbars, with the errorbars in each graph by year, season and month, respectively. However, I coould not discover how to specify on the errorbar function, the period of data in which I want the errorbars.
Please, could anyone kindly help me with this? Thanks!

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Peter Perkins
Peter Perkins on 7 Mar 2022
Not clar what you mean by, "with the errorbars in each graph by year, season and month, respectively", but this may get you started:
>> t = datetime(2022,1,1:10);
>> x = 10*rand(1,10);
>> e = rand(1,10);
>> errorbar(t,x,e)
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Luís Henrique Bordin
Luís Henrique Bordin on 7 Mar 2022
Thanks, Peter. The standard error can be calculated for the whole dataset, or by separate subsets, e.g. the standar error for all days of January, February, etc. So, the value on the graph will represent the mean of all days of those month, with a errorbar together. I hope I was clearer this time.

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