How to concatenate lines in cell arrays

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Hugo on 15 Mar 2022
Edited: Stephen23 on 8 Apr 2022
I have a Cell array, name DATA with 5*50 cells. Each cell has a 1000*30 matrix
I would like to obtain a new matrix that contains the concatenation of the column 1 and all lines (:,1), for all the 50 columns. I need all the lines of all cells in all columns to show up as a resulting matrix, named MR, of dimensions 40000*50.
Right now I have the following code:
for j=1:1:50
However, the code write all the columns with the same values, so definitely there is something wrong with it. Any help is appreciated.
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Jan on 16 Mar 2022
So you have a {5 x 50} cell array containing [1000 x 1] vectors. Then I still do not understand, how you can obtain a [40000 x 50] matrix.

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Accepted Answer

Voss on 15 Mar 2022
% 5-by-50 cell array, each cell containing a 1000-by-1 column vector:
DATA = repmat({(1:1000).'},5,50);
% combine all cells into a 5000-by-50 matrix:
DATA_MAT = cell2mat(DATA);
Voss on 15 Mar 2022
@Hugo: As @Stephen points out, I made up values for DATA just for demonstration purposes. In fact you may only need to run the second line of my answer (with your DATA variable), in order to do what you want:
DATA_MAT = cell2mat(DATA);

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