Why does my axis label turn into a grey box when I print to file?

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I am having a problem where for certain axis labels, when exporting the figure to a PNG file, the text turns into a grey box. Here is an example:

xlabel('This text is too long longer longer');
print('-dpng', '-r600', 'test.png');

If the text is shorter, or I choose a lower resolution then the problem does not occur... any thoughts as to what might be happening here? This is with the software OpenGL implementation in R2014b...

Accepted Answer

Richard Quist
Richard Quist on 26 Mar 2015
That sounds like this issue which was fixed in R2015a: Very long or very large text is not displayed or printed
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Scott Webster
Scott Webster on 26 Mar 2015
Sounds exactly like my problem. Good to know that it has been fixed in the next version. Thanks for the answer.

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Roland G
Roland G on 16 Feb 2016
I had this issue recently and found that by reducing the resolution below 300 DPI (I used 200) the problem does not appear.


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