Planned support for code generation of sparse optimisation using quadprog()

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Is there any plan to introduce support for code generation of alternative solvers/sparse matrices for the quadprog function?
Currently code generation is only supported for the active-set method and for non-sparse matrices. This is great for small problems (such as those encountered in MPC), but is not appropriate for large problems (embedded trajectory optimisation for example).
I am currently working on a industrial project that needs to encorparate this in embedded hardware. Any infomation on future plans would be very helpful.
Many thanks,

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Dimitri MANKOV
Dimitri MANKOV on 28 Mar 2022
Edited: Dimitri MANKOV on 28 Mar 2022
Hi Will,
You might want to check out FORCES PRO from embotech. Their solver can for sure be used with Simulink Real-Time, though I'm not sure to which extend it would fulfill your requirements about sparse matrices.
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William Jacobs
William Jacobs on 28 Mar 2022
Thanks Dimitri,
Agreed, this is a good option - and is currently my planned route forward. But if mathworks are planning on enhancing their functionality I wouldnt have to pay anthoer licence fee!

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