[2021a] Hanging for several minutes in getSettingsRoot/mlock

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I've been noticing an intermittent issue where MATLAB will take several minutes to run a piece of code instead of the usual <1 second. This occurs across many functions with no apparent pattern.
When I hit "Pause" in the debugger it always gives control back on line 2 of matlab.internal.getSettingsRoot, calling mlock. Running dbstack shows the call stack at sort of nonsensical locations, such as an if isempty() call.
This just started happening in the last few days and my colleagues are unable to reproduce this at all. When I use the "Step Out" feature of the debugger I can copy-paste the function call that took several minutes and then it takes less than a second, so I can't even reproduce it on the same piece of code.
My only guess is it has something to do with MATLAB internally checking my license or something? Maybe an issue with the debugger? Any help would be greatly appreciated, I found very little information regarding the purpose of getSettingsRoot.
G Bielsa
G Bielsa on 13 Oct 2022
Hi, Im facing the same issue. Matlab gets stuck in that function, but unfortunately in my case, the simulations that should take an hour take couple of hours...

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