Connect Multiple Constant Volume Chambers.

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Hello everyone.
Is it possible to connect multiple volume chambers with each other? The idea behind is that I want to have a vehcile cabin as implemented in the following Matlab example of a Electric Vehicle Thermal Model, but divided into different zones, e.g. front right, front left, etc. Just connecting the moist conserving ports does not seem to work. Is this even the correct approach or is what I want to implement even possible?

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Yifeng Tang
Yifeng Tang on 29 Jun 2022
Conneting ports of multiple constant volume chambers is DIFFERENT than connecting say multiple pipes to a same point. Connecting the volumes can create constraints for the states inside these volumes, so you can imagine that they become one same volume. Add some flow resistance between the ports, and you should be OK. You can make the resistance very small. Multi-zone cooling/heating in a passenger cabin or a multi-room building can be done this way.
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Tobias Lorscheider
Tobias Lorscheider on 4 Jul 2022
Thanks for your answer, it confirms my idea. I also did it that way.

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