Simbiology plot problem when using global solvers

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I am trying to model model glycolysis, PPP and TCA using simbiology. While I get some output plots using local solvers, when I do it with global solvers options it simply does not show any results. (the solving procedure seems to be working properly)
Any ideas?

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Arthur Goldsipe
Arthur Goldsipe on 21 Apr 2022
Can you share the project or provide some other way for us to reproduce what you're seeing? That would help us definitely say what going on
But if I had to guess, the program might be "stuck" simulation. A common problem when using global solvers or performing global sensitivity analysis is trying to simulate with parameter values that drastically slow down the simulation and make it appear like MATLAB or SimBiology is doing nothing. One thing that helps prevent that problem is to set MaximumWallClock to some reasonable value. So if your simulations normally take 1 second, maybe set this to 10 (seconds). You could also try setting narrower bounds on parameters that you're trying to estimate.
Arthur Goldsipe
Arthur Goldsipe on 22 Apr 2022
Edited: Arthur Goldsipe on 22 Apr 2022
Ah, the extra information you provided is quite useful. It sounds like you got a plot that showed that your fits converged but then things appeared to "lock up" after that. There are still several things that happen after fit converges. But it's hard for me to say exactly where the problem is or how to fix it without being able to see the problem itself. If the concern is confidentially, could you contact me or Technical Support directly so that you don't have to share the model publicly? Even if you can't privately share the model file, could you screen share while we debug the problem together?
In the interim, I can offer one "hack" that I sometimes use to figure out where things are stuck. If you open the MATLAB editor before you run the program in SimBiology, you get an Editor section in the Toolstrip. Once you run the program, this Toolstrip should have a "Pause" button. When a program appears to be hung you can often click this button and stop in the debugger to figure out where you're stuck. If you can do that, I suggest typing "dbstack" at the command prompt and sharing that info here. That might give me an idea where the program is hanging. If you decide to do that, please also share the output from running "ver" so that I know exactly which version of MATLAB and SimBiology you're using.

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