Revolute Joint Definition in Multi Body Simulation

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Hello everyone,
I am using Sim mechanics second generation blocks to define a simple structure. The structure has two rectangular bars connected with a cylinder at one of their ends. (as shown in the figure)
I have defined revolute joints at the respective connections between the bars and the cylinder.
The problem is that when i try to define initial state targets (in the form of angle of the revolute joint) for the blue bar, the blue bar stays in the same angular position and rather makes rest of the structure i.e. the other bar and the cylinder, rotate through the same angle. I know it has some thing to do with the body follower definition. But I have switched the connections of body and follower too but to no gain.
Attached are my blocks for the three main parts:
the main sim mechanics structure is==
Connector block (i.e. the cylinder) is shown in the following figure:
Kindly guide

Answers (1)

Steve Miller
Steve Miller on 24 Jun 2021
If you want the other leg to remain vertical, you will need to specify the joint targets between the 6-DOF joint for the other leg and World.

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