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"Fatal error in slbuild"

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junaid on 21 Jan 2015
Commented: Saravanan Mani on 28 Feb 2023
when i run any simulink model it shows the following error. Could anyone help me please?
"Fatal error in slbuild"

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Yu Jiang
Yu Jiang on 21 Jan 2015
- Did you see any error message in the MATLAB command window?
- By "any model", do you mean shipped demos including, for example, "vdp"?
-- What if you create a very simple model, say only one inport and one outport and run?
- What version of simulink/matlab are you using?
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Saravanan Mani
Saravanan Mani on 28 Feb 2023
Dear Yu Jiang-San,
Sub: freezing the laptop while using "slbuild"
When we are update( Ctrl+D) the simulink model no error, no warning message. when we are generate a code using "slbuild", I am facing system freezing issue.
I have analyzed the simulink model in Matlab R2020b and Matlab R2022b software. Unable to see any error message.
Unable to move the curser, forcefully shutdown the machine.
Can you please help me out, how to resolve the issue.
Thanks & Regards,

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