Conversion to string from struct is not possible.

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How to convert to double in order to address each data in this case?
Benjamin Thompson
Benjamin Thompson on 11 May 2022 is already a matrix of doubles. Maybe you can post a smaller problem and show the output or result you are looking for? Post code or a sample MAT file with the data.

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Answers (1)

Mitch Lautigar
Mitch Lautigar on 11 May 2022
Couple ways to handle this. I'll explain the top 2.
1 - Pull the data out of the struct.
num_data =;
str_data = x.textdata;
You can now change the type if you wish.
2 - Convert to a cell array/table
This will put everything into a single array/table. Though you might have to format it a little bit.
Hope it helps! If it doesn't, reply and i'll answer when I can.


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