Summation with multiple FOR loops?

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Max Wever
Max Wever on 18 May 2022
Answered: Michal on 18 May 2022
Hi, I am still learning my way around matlab.
I need to code this function:
I am stuck in how to do those multiple summations.
Thanks in advance,

Answers (1)

Michal on 18 May 2022
Admitting I didn't go into the tensor train definition... but basically, in Matlab when you have a N-dimensional array, you can just tell the sum() function which dimension to sum along. See help for sum(). So if you define your multidimensional arrays of the tensor train, summing them is that easy.
For example: A is 10x20x100, you ask B = sum(A, 3) and you'll get B which is a 10x20 array, each element of it a sum of the 100 elements under it in the 3rd dimension.




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