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How to organize a datastore with multiple devices for multiple days?

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So, I have a data from 75 smart meters for range of 17 days.
Each day all 75 smart meters did some measurements.
How it is better to organize the data? I really like the idea of datastore() in Matlab. But don't know how to do it automatically for so many variables(tables)
If I create a timetable for each day of each smart meter, it would require me to create 75*17 =1275 separate tables.
And also I would like to analyze each day (with all smart meter measurements combined) so it will make the total number 1275 +17 = 1292.
Can you suggest a good option of organizing such big amount of data?
I am analyzing it for load forecasting using Machine Learning.
Thank you very much in advance!
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dpb on 22 May 2022
That's really not much data at all in terms of observations -- unless there are gigabytes of data which it wouldn't seem there could be but a few measurements from each device.
I'd just collect the whole dataset in memory in a timetable and use retime and similar functions to do operations over the data. memapfile is just going to get in the way here.

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Accepted Answer

Magsud Hasanov
Magsud Hasanov on 14 Jun 2022
I just used array with all paths to all files and made datastore(), then did readall()

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Seth Furman
Seth Furman on 30 May 2022
Provided your data are already stored in files on disk in a common format, you can create a tall timetable and perform operations on it as if it were a large timetable.
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Magsud Hasanov
Magsud Hasanov on 13 Jun 2022
Hello, after making path into all files, I just used datastore() and then readall(). It created the big dataset. The amount of data was enough small to use readall(). Thank you very much for your time!

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