Separate matrix each 3 columns and save outputs each iteration

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daniele marchese
daniele marchese on 7 Jun 2022
Edited: Jan on 7 Jun 2022
I have two issues:
I got a 30x90 matrix to be saparated every 3 columns each for loop iteration and save the each output into different files with different names in csv format.
Many thanks to those who can help me!

Accepted Answer

Jan on 7 Jun 2022
Edited: Jan on 7 Jun 2022
With some bold guessing, what "different names" means (better mention, what you want):
data = reshape(1:30*90, 30, 90); % Some test data
blocks = reshape(data, 30, 3, 30);
% Now blocks(:, :, k) is the block of 3 columns
folder = 'D:\Your\Folder';
for k = 1:30
Block = blocks(:, :, k);
file = sprintf('File%02d.mat', k);
csvwrite(fullfile(folder, file), Block);

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