Images obtained by GAN could not be shown

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S C.Carl
S C.Carl on 14 Jun 2022
Edited: S C.Carl on 15 Jun 2022
I run the codes at which generates 25 new images and shows the generated images after tiling and scaling by this;
I = imtile(extractdata( dlXGeneratedNew ));
I = rescale(I);
But, I want to show each generated image (separately) without tiling and scaling, and to put them into the array called Images(224,224,3,25). So, I have written this;
rows = 5; columns=5; ind=1;
% Get size of 1
row1 = rows/5;
col1 = columns/5;
for col = 1 : 5
leftCol = (col-1) * col1 + 1;
rightCol = leftCol + col1 - 1;
for row = 1 : 5
topRow = (row-1) * row1 + 1;
bottomRow = topRow + row1 - 1;
thisImage = I(topRow:bottomRow, leftCol:rightCol, :);
figure(ind); imshow(thisImage);
Images(:,:,:,ind) = thisImage;
ind = ind + 1;
Here, thisImage returns as 1x1x3 single array. So, its size and format is different from an input image, which is 224x224x3 uint8.
Could you please help me to solve this problem

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Hiro on 15 Jun 2022
I belive the lines
I = imtile(extractdata( dlXGeneratedNew ));
I = rescale(I);
are not behaving as you would expect.
The function imtile accepts multiple files and put them into a small image. So you should remove it as follows:
I = extractdata( dlXGeneratedNew );
img = I (:,:,:,idx)
igm = rescale(img);
where idx represent the index of the image of your interest.
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S C.Carl
S C.Carl on 15 Jun 2022
Edited: S C.Carl on 15 Jun 2022
Thank you Hiro.
I have one more question: The GAN example generates 25 images and uses 5 classes of flower images.
I want to generate 1260 images and to use 7 classes (each class includes 60 images, so there are 7x60=420 orijinal images. I want to generate 3 times of the orijinal images, i.e., 3x420 = 1260)
So, running the GAN example 50 time to generate about 1260 images means construction the GAN 50 times for each running, which will be time consuming.
So, should I run the GAN example by changing only these? :
numValidationImages = 49; % instead of 25;
numObservations = 1260; % instead of 25;
To be able to generate equal number of images from each class, should be the following codes updated or not?
ZValidation = randn(numLatentInputs,numValidationImages,'single');
Z = randn(numLatentInputs,miniBatchSize,'single');
ZNew = randn(numLatentInputs,numObservations,'single');

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