Matlab Coder crashes while running with mex file

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Harel Arnon
Harel Arnon on 27 Jun 2022
while running the matlab coder , during the run-time checks while the matlab runs with its generated mex, it crashes leaving no crash report.
I tried to comment\uncomment line codes to see if there's a problematic line but didn't find any.The only thing that affects is the total amount of code.
Could this be a memory issue with the mex? how can I identify and solve this

Answers (1)

Tony Mohan Varghese
Tony Mohan Varghese on 28 Jun 2022
You can debug the generated mex and identify the problem site. To debug generated MEX code, just pass the -g option to codegen and that will compile a debug MEX file. You can then debug that MEX code by following the same process you'd use for debugging hand-written MEX files:
In short, you compile and run the MEX in MATLAB and attach Visual Studio to MATLAB, stopping when the MEX code is executed.
Note that the -g option is the same as the Coder config setting EnableDebugging:




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