Generate Field Names from Variables While Accessing Elements of a Nonscalar Structure Array

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I have a top-level 1x20 structure arrray with 10 fields which is generated using code similar to below with no problems (this is an extract of a larger script).
for nLap = 1:R2(nDriver).Laps
R2(nDriver).LapData(nLap).LapTime = sessions.R2.Sectors.(nDriverStr).LapTime(nLap);
R2(nDriver).LapData(nLap).SectoR2 = sessions.R2.Sectors.(nDriverStr).S1Time(nLap);
R2(nDriver).LapData(nLap).Sector2 = sessions.R2.Sectors.(nDriverStr).S2Time(nLap);
R2(nDriver).LapData(nLap).Sector3 = sessions.R2.Sectors.(nDriverStr).S3Time(nLap);
R2(nDriver).LapData(nLap).TIS = sessions.R2.Sectors.(nDriverStr).TiS(nLap);
However, I need to run this for many other structures by replacing the 'R2' to 'R1' for example.
Previously, I have done that in the same way that the (nDriverStr) variable in used to enter a field within the structure, however this does not seem to work when I am already referencing a row within the structure such as:
(R)(nDriver).LapData(nLap).LapTime = sessions.(R).Sectors.(nDriverStr).LapTime(nLap);
Is there a way to do this using R as a variable string which loops through "R1", "R2", "R3" for example?
Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 30 Jun 2022
What about the naming here makes these badly named?
Little "Bobby Tables". You're basically requiring arbitrary code execution. As a benign example:
name = 'why, x'; % Specified by user or written as a file name?
eval([name '.foo = 1'])
To satisfy a hamster.
x = struct with fields:
foo: 1
Now picture a system or quit call in place of the why call.

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Answers (1)

Matt J
Matt J on 30 Jun 2022
Why not a 2D struct array,




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