Applying the Nonlinear Least Squares Method to Minimize the Objective Function to Find the Parameters of the Equation

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yu zhang
yu zhang on 4 Jul 2022
Edited: yu zhang on 5 Jul 2022
The liquid-liquid equilibrium data were fitted using the NRTL equation. The equation parameters of NRTL are derived from the experimental data.
below is my code:
Although the code gives the result, the result is not what I want. And the format of the output gamma is also wrong. It should be a matrix of the same order as x1, but it has become something I don't understand. Can someone please give a reason? It would be best to give some solutions. Thanks!

Accepted Answer

Matt J
Matt J on 4 Jul 2022
Edited: Matt J on 4 Jul 2022
Your code makes strange assumptions about the output syntax of lsqnonlin.
Why do you think lsqnonlin will return values for the gamma variables in NRTL?
Matt J
Matt J on 4 Jul 2022
Do you have any other suggestions?
@yu zhang I suggest you Acccept-click this answer, since your original question appears to have been resolved.
Since you have a new question and since it is related to code different from this question, I suggest you post that in a new thread.

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