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Hi guys, i'm currently working on a simulink model that uses S-function written in C language. It works in normal mode, but when I select "Rapid Accelerator Mode" I receive this message:
Unable to build a standalone executable to simulate the model 'S_function' in rapid accelerator mode.
Caused by: S-function 'S_function1' in 'S_function/S-Function' specifies option SS_OPTION_SFUNCTION_INLINED_FOR_RTW however a 'S_function1.tlc' file could not be located in the current working directory, the S-function directory 'C:\Users\PODES7\Desktop\Sinus_REALG', or the directory 'C:\Users\PODES7\Desktop\Sinus_REALG\tlc_c'
However, I've written it like that, but honestly I have no idea if it's correct.
%implements "S_function" "C"
Also, my simulink model is named "S_function.slx", my main/header are called "main.c" and "Sine_value.h" and my S-function is called "S_function1.c". I've also tried to remove the SS_OPTION_SFUNCTION_INLINED_FOR_RTW part from my S_function1.c, but the problem remains.
Can somebody help me please ?
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Pierre-Olivier Desrosiers
Found my mistake... My TLC file wasn't named S_function1.tlc but was named S_function.tlc

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