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How to generate noise signal with desired max and min signal?

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Hello Guys,
I want to ask about, how to generate noise signal with a desired max and min amplitude?. For example, I want to generate noise signal with max 4 and min 2 just like this figure.
Thank you

Accepted Answer

Karim on 5 Jul 2022
if you just want a random signal you can try the following:
MinVal = 2 ;
MaxVal = 4;
numPoints = 1000;
Data = MinVal + rand(numPoints,1) .* (MaxVal - MinVal);
grid on
ylim([0 5])

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Raghav on 5 Jul 2022
You can use tha rand() function to get a random noise signal in range of (a,b) by writing the expression: a+(b-a)*rand(size(x)).
x = linspace(0,1000,1000);
To undesrtand more about the rand() function, read the following documentation:

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