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How to find the index of missing values in a cell array without looping through each element?

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S1 = struct();
S2 = struct();
C = {S1 S2 missing};

Accepted Answer

Voss on 11 Jul 2022
You can use cellfun to call ismissing on the contents of each cell:
S1 = struct();
S2 = struct();
C = {S1 S2 missing}
C = 1×3 cell array
{1×1 struct} {1×1 struct} {1×1 missing}
is_missing = cellfun(@ismissing,C)
is_missing = 1×3 logical array
0 0 1
idx_missing = find(is_missing)
idx_missing = 3
(That's not got much loops.)

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Bharat Chandra Mukkavalli
Bharat Chandra Mukkavalli on 11 Jul 2022
You can use the "cellfun()" function to apply a function to all the contents in a cell array. Further documentation on cellfun() can be found here:
Refer to link here on finding the indices of non-empty cells in a cell array:
Hope this helps!


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