How to extract frames from a vedio file in avi format?

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I tried the code below in both mp4 and avi files. The obj.NumFrames file is blank. There is not error messgae the object is created but the parameters are 0.
obj = VideoReader('k.avi');
vid = read(obj);
Can any one guide here.

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vishweshwar samba
vishweshwar samba on 20 Jul 2022
Try this
frameNo = 10;
videoReader = VideoReader('k.avi');
for i = 1:frameNo
frame = readFrame(videoReader); % read the next video frame
title('Video Frame 10');
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krishna Chauhan
krishna Chauhan on 20 Jul 2022
I dont know what happend previously :
It is perfectly working now, the code which I post.

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