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How close secondary apps when the main app closed?

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I'm creating an app in matlab app designer with multiple secondary windows and the main window. I want to close all the secondary windows when the main window is ordered to be closed. I looked around on the forum and found some things about close the app. I tried to implement a FigureCloseRequest and delete(get(0, 'Children'), but didn't work.
So, I was planning to build a function that lists the sub-apps that are open and delete them when the main figure is requested to close, but I'm having trouble figuring out how to do it from the app propriety. Could you please aid me?

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Mohammad Sami
Mohammad Sami on 26 Jul 2022
You will need to store a reference to the secondary app in your main app. This will allow you to close it in the CloseRequestFcn of the main app. You can set this function in the main app by selecting UIFigure in the component browser in the design view. See attached picture.
Then assuming you have stored the handle to the secondary app in the main app you can do as follows in the Main App UIFigureCloseRequestFcn
function functionThatOpensSecondaryApp(app)
app.SecondaryApp = SecondaryApp(..);
function UIFigureCloseRequest(app, event)
More details can be found at the link below.
Mohammad Sami
Mohammad Sami on 26 Jul 2022
You can try the following
function deleteSubApps(app)
Nélio Dias
Nélio Dias on 26 Jul 2022
There is a problem, generating this error
The following error occurred converting from SecondaryApp2 to
Not enough input arguments.
I think when a create a new list the app try to call the secondary app again that is already in the list.

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