Send data from an array to NumericEditFields

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I have as a response from a neural network (app.Simul) the following values:
ans =
I want to put each value in a NumericEditFields as separate results.
I typed the following code for the (Simulate) button that performs the simulation:
app.Simul = sim(app.Calling.net_SOLD,app.D2)
However, when running the program, the following error message appears:
Error setting property 'EditField_1' of class 'app_RNA_2'. Cannot convert double value 0.596828 to a handle.
It seems that it is necessary to convert the values obtained by the neural network (3x1 matrix) to values accepted by NumericEditFields
Send data from an array to NumericEditFields.
Can someone help me?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 9 Aug 2022
app.Simul = sim(app.Calling.net_SOLD,app.D2);
app.EditField_1.Value = app.Simul(1);
app.EditField_2.Value = app.Simul(2);
app.EditField_3.Value = app.Simul(3);
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Arlan Pacheco Figueiredo
Arlan Pacheco Figueiredo on 9 Aug 2022
Thank you very much again Walter.
My app is getting great and I see I still have a lot to learn...
I'm very grateful!

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