Plotting a mxn Matrix

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Haseeb Hashim
Haseeb Hashim on 10 Aug 2022
Commented: Haseeb Hashim on 10 Aug 2022
Hi ! Everyone. I wanted to ask a simple question here that If I have to plot a matrix containing m rows and n columns and say that it contains the temperature distribution of any shape. i wanted to as that which is the best method to display such type of distributions. I use imagesc mot of the time. Any better way to do that.
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Also lets say that the shape is irregualar like U-shaped Conductor now I have made all the temperature code in the U shaped area with the reduntant square area in between. How to show this efficiently. Figure below
That how I got it

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 10 Aug 2022
What you show is okay.
As you are using imagesc() you might want to pass in an 'AlphaData' option with a double precision matrix that is 0 inside the open area (no data) and 1 in the U (data). AlphaData 0 indicates that the area is to be transparent, showing through whatever is underneath (such as the background of the axes.)
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Haseeb Hashim
Haseeb Hashim on 10 Aug 2022
thanks a lot Mr. Roberson

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