Why does matlab rename my simulink logsout file?

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I would like to run multiple simulation with batchsim. The following code should setup the required simulation input objects in a for loop.
The newFileName variable stores the required logsout.mat file names. Example: {'simulationfile_a.mat', 'simulationfile_b.mat', 'simulationfile_c.mat'}
After running the simulation with batchsim I got logsout.mat files with name like 'simulationfile_a_1.mat', 'simulationfile_b_2.mat', 'simulationfile_c_3.mat'.
How to rename the files to the original?
This this renaming only happens with batchsim. With parsim it was ok.
%Setup SI
in(i) = Simulink.SimulationInput(model);
in(i) = in(i).setModelParameter(...
'StopTime', num2str(stop_time.sim_end),...
'LoggingFileName', newFileName{i},...
'SignalLogging', 'on',...
'LoggingToFile', 'on',...
'SaveFormat', 'Dataset',...
'SaveTime', 'off',...
'SaveState', 'off',...
'SaveOutput', 'off',...
'SaveFinalState', 'off',..
'DSMLogging', 'off',...
'ReturnWorkspaceOutputs', 'on',...
'Profile', 'off',...
'InspectSignalLogs', 'off',...
'DatasetSignalFormat', 'timeseries');
%run batch
simJob = batchsim(myCluster, in, ...
'Pool', min(myCluster.NumWorkers-1, length(newFileName)),...
'AutoAddClientPath', false,...
'ManageDependencies', 'off',...
'TransferBaseWorkspaceVariables', 'off',...
'CleanupFcn', @Simulink.sdi.clear);

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Maneet Kaur Bagga
Maneet Kaur Bagga on 8 Sep 2023 at 10:34
Hi Szabo,
As per my understanding of the question, the batchsim performs a different naming convention because it distributes the simulation tasks across multiple workers in a cluster, allowing for parallel execution of the simulations. Each worker performs a separate simulation and generates its own output file where as parsim executes the simulations sequentially, one after the other without distributing them to multiple workers. So the output files enerated by different workers are appended with a number to avoid conflicts.
To rename the files generated by batchsim back to their original names please follow the steps below:
  • Use the "wait" function to wait for all the jobs to finish.
  • Once the jobs are finished, iterate over the new file names and rename them back to their original names using the "movefile" function
for i = 1:length(newFileName)
oldFileName = sprintf('%s_%d.mat', newFileName{i}, i);
movefile(oldFileName, newFileName{i});
% newFileName refers to the array of original file names
% i represents the index of each simulation run.
Please refer to the following MATLAB Documentation for better understanding:
Comparison Between Multiple Simulation Workflows
I hope this helps!
Thank You
Maneet Bagga

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