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Nisar Ahmed
Nisar Ahmed on 8 Sep 2022
Answered: Jeffrey Clark on 2 Oct 2022
I have 100 initial models say length of 115 each, and after running simulation I created 100 new models. I am running simulation mannually e.g., for 1 model, then for model 2, model 3 and so on. and each time I save simulated result. If I save each time as a .mat file, it will be 100 mat file. then to plot all hundred .mat files together will be a bit hectic.
Is there a way if I run manually and results are saving automatically in one file?

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Jeffrey Clark
Jeffrey Clark on 2 Oct 2022
@Nisar Ahmed, I think what you want to do to have Simulink outputs grouped across multiple runs is something like the example in Run Simulations Programmatically - MATLAB & Simulink ( and the example repeated here where all the outputs from each sim run are collected together in an array of Simulink.SimulationOutput. The loop here could instead not be a loop and just a bunch of manually entered simOut(run) = sim(__) calls after setting your run-to-run model changes:
N = 100;
simOut = repmat(Simulink.SimulationOutput, N, 1);
for i = 1:N
simOut(i) = sim('vdp', 'timeout', 1000);


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