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ThingSpeak data has wrong Time Zone

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Bernard FluscheJr
Bernard FluscheJr on 9 Sep 2022
My pofile has the Time Zone set to US Mountain (GMT-07:00), but the data is being displayed with US Pacific time (GMT-08:00). I am not encoding any explict time or zone information with my data.
How do I get the data to display in Mountain Time?
Andrew Clark
Andrew Clark on 18 Aug 2023
Hi, yes, I thought of that. As you can see in the code I supplied in my query, I set the timezone explicitly to "-800" per the Thinkspeak protocol when I set the "Created_At" field (I am using an RTC to get more accurate timestamps on the data.)
timestamp += "-0800"; // add UTC adjustment for Pacific TZ
Is there a conflict between setting CreatedAt and the Thingspeak Profile? Should I stop setting the timezone in my CreatedAt field in the above Arduino code?
Another clue that might help: just now I set the Profile timezone to "-900 (Alaska)" and the timestamps all changed to the correct timezone - "-800"! So something is causing the time to be off by one hour.
Christopher Stapels
Christopher Stapels on 28 Sep 2023
ThingSpeak plots in your browser window will generally take the timezone set for your computer.

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Answers (2)

Vinod on 18 Aug 2023
Moved: Christopher Stapels on 18 Aug 2023

Go here and set your timezone to match your setting:

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Andrew Clark
Andrew Clark on 18 Aug 2023
Hi Vinod, my Profile looks to be set properly to Pacific:
so, looking for something else...thanks!

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Seth Furman
Seth Furman on 13 Sep 2022
dt = datetime(2022,1,1,12,0,0,"TimeZone","Etc/GMT-8")
dt = datetime
01-Jan-2022 12:00:00
dt.TimeZone = "Etc/GMT-7"
dt = datetime
01-Jan-2022 11:00:00


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