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Unexpected "Embedded Coder not licensed or not installed" error

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Bryce Aberg
Bryce Aberg on 27 Feb 2015
Answered: Andy Bartlett on 22 Apr 2021
I have Matlab 2013b installed with Simulink and a whole host of other toolboxes that have licenses on a shared network. Yesterday morning, I successfully built some Simulink code intended for a TI microcontroller using Embedded Coder.
However, I tried to build the exact same Simulink model again today, and I get the error: Embedded Coder is not licensed or not installed. The current target is: C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2013b\rtw\c\ert\ert.tlc
I used the 'ver' command in the command line to verify that I have Embedded Coder installed, I've verified that the Embedded Coder license is not checked out by someone else, and I've checked all of the configurations for the project are the same as before. In addition to that, I've restarted my computer and tried building the model again and I get the same error. I'm confused and frustrated because I shouldn't be getting this error, right? So what could be causing me to get the error?
Thanks, Bryce
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 15 Sep 2015
Nelly, it is possible that you have a license for the software but have not installed it.

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François Pantin
François Pantin on 14 Feb 2020
I'm experiencing exactly the same issue as Bryce, I'm using Matlab 2018b with a floating license (shared with my colleagues), with a bunch of toolboxes on a shared network including Embedded Coder. I usually build Simulink models using Embedded Coder, without any trouble, and since yesterday Simulink returns that Embedded Coder is not installed or licensed, whereas the ver command shows Embedded Coder.
However when I run the first commands (license('test','RTW_Embedded_Coder')), I get 0, what does that mean ?
I get similar text from Simulink "The current target is: D:\APP\MATLAB\R2018b\rtw\c\ert\ert.tlc"
And same thing, I know that no one reserved the toolbox thanks to a windows script.
So how could Embedded Coder be unavailable from one day to another, has anyone solved such an issue ?
Thanks for you answers,

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