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How to open Reconstruction Images using OMEGA?

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Dear all,
I was reconstruction image simulation using OMEGA in Matlab.
Then the image can obtained thru this link
how to open that image?
Please help me

Accepted Answer

Balavignesh on 4 Oct 2023
Hi Mohd,
As per my understanding, you would like to open Reconstruction Image using Optical Microscopy and Endoscopy Image Analysis (OMEGA) in MATLAB.
I assume that you have already installed the 'OMEGA Toolbox' and added it to the path.
I would suggest you use 'imread' and 'imshow' MATLAB functions to read and open the image.
Here is an example code snippet that could help you understand this:
% This is an example link. Input your own link address.
image_path = '';
% Read the reconstruction image using the imread function
reconstruction_image = imread(image_path);
% Display the image
Kindly refer to the following documentation links to have more information on:
Hope that helps!

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