isbetween function not working with any 'intervalType'

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I'm attempting to use isbetween to get values on a specific day (using lower and upper variables), however, I realised that the isbetween function was returning a 1 for the first data point of the next day too (since I used addtodate to get the upper variable), which I don't need. I looked up the documentation for isbetween and found the 'intervalType' argument which might have solved my problems (using the 'openright' interval type), but it gave me an error because it was telling me that there were too many arguments being passed into isbetween. I looked inside the function itself and found that there is no 'intervalType' argument in there at all... Is this a version issue or should there be an 'intervalType' argument no matter what? I have the 2019b version.
Thanks in advance.

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 3 Oct 2022
From the Release Notes it appears the ability to specify an interval type was introduced in release R2021b.
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Leeza on 3 Oct 2022
Thanks for your help! Will get the later version then.

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