MATLAB 2022b installation corruption

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Antony Smith
Antony Smith on 3 Oct 2022
Answered: Steven Lord on 3 Oct 2022
Good day,
I would just like to inform you (as some of the listed Mathsworks license Admins):
I have recently run into a major issue with the new MATLAB 2022b update. I could not tell exactly what aspect of the update caused the problem (Microsoft User Account boot-up corruption), but I have been updating both MATLAB and all of its Add-Ons since about version 2017, and this is first time it has caused any sort of system issues.
From the pop-up suggestion in version 2022a I downloaded and install the new version 2022b.
After license activation, the next step was obviously to install all of the corresponding Add-Ons to match my previously installed version (2022a).
I installed all that I could recall, opened a current Simulink project/model and noticed that it was still missing 2 mechanical libraries.
Closed the project, installed the suggested Add-Ons and their dependencies and reopened the project.
Simulink model compiled and everything seemed fine.
After rebooting my PC, the entire account was reverted to Windows start-up, like the day Windows was installed.
Luckily I have a User Account just for the Matlab compilation, so my primary User Account kept the majority of my data as well as installed software.
Even after re-setting everything up (user preferences, software etc.) and copying data back to this Matlab user account, after rebooting it is back to wiped clean.
Clearly the MATLAB installation has corrupted something in the boot registries for that user account only. Unfortunately, I primarily work in Linux, and only use Windows for Altium and MATLAB, so I am unfamiliar with the system registries, and what could be causing this.
I have since uninstalled 2022b and reverted back to the 2022a version.
It then said the model was incompatible with “older versions”, and I would need to open the model in 2022b and export it in a previous version.
After re-installing 2022b, I was forced to re-activate the licence just to open the model, so that I could export as an older version (2022a).
Once this was done, I de-activated 2022b (again), and uninstalled it.
The models now run fine again in 2022a (as far as I can tell so far).
BUT this morning I got a message saying that I am required to deactivate my license and will not be permitted to use ANY MATLAB software on this PC?
What is the cause of this? Is it due to all of the activations and deactivations taking place in such a short period of time?
In any case, I would definitely warn others to be very careful with this new “stable” version.
It’s possible that all of this was caused by something else, but MATLAB is the only system changes I have made before all of these issues started, so I would guess something glitched along the installation process.
A list of installed Add-Ons include the following:
"Embedded Coder Support Package for ARM Cortex-M Processors", "PID and State Feedback Control of DC Motors", "Embedded Coder", "Simulink Code Inspector", "Stateflow", "Embedded Coder Support Package for STMicroelectronics STM32 Processors", "Simulink Coder Support Package for STMicroelectronics Nucleo Boards", "MATLAB Coder", "DC Motor Model", "Simulink Support Package for Arduino Hardware" , "Simulink Test", "Simulink Compiler", "Simulink Coder", "MATLAB Compiler", "System Composer", "Simulink"

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 3 Oct 2022
After rebooting my PC, the entire account was reverted to Windows start-up, like the day Windows was installed.
That obviously shouldn't have happened. Please contact Technical Support directly using the Contact Support link under the Get Support heading at the end of this page. They can work with you to investigate what caused the account to be reset and hopefully a way to solve, avoid, or work around this problem.




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