how to make values global in matlab gui?

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Dimitri on 12 Mar 2015
Commented: Dimitri on 12 Mar 2015
Hello all,
I found some similar questions already but unfortunately none of the answers worked for me.
I'm writing a very simple image viewer in Matlab Gui.
I have this code in the beginning :
handles.folder = 'myfolder';
folder_content = dir(handles.folder);
folder_content(1:2) = [];
so, the image viewer takes photos from that folder
and I want this to be a global, so that I won't have to write the same code in every push button callback or slider call back.
I tried
and global function, but they didn't work.
thanks in advance,
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Stephen23 on 12 Mar 2015
Avoid globals, and use the method that Adam suggests.

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Accepted Answer

Adam on 12 Mar 2015
Your code will allow
handles.folder = 'myfolder';
to be accessible in any callback. The code you wrote after that is just in the scope that you wrote it so if you want that elsewhere also you need
handles.folder_content = folder_content;
guidata( hObject, handles )
or the equivalent also.

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