Is it possible to plot data from multiple scripts on to a single figure?

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Hi everyone, I'm a relatively new MATLAB user. I was wondering if it was possible to plot data from three scripts on to a single figure. It's for a numerical methods problem, where the same problem with the same domain is being solved using 3 different numerical schemes. I've written three different scripts and each produces a plot. I was wondering if I could display all 3 on a single graph.

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Atsushi Ueno
Atsushi Ueno on 23 Oct 2022
Edited: Atsushi Ueno on 23 Oct 2022
You can save the figure into a .fig file by using savefig function.
You can also retains plots in the current axes by "hold on" command.
% script file 1
x = 1:0.01:pi*2;
plot(x, sin(x));
savefig('myfig.fig'); % save current figure into a .fig file
% script file 2
openfig('myfig.fig'); % load the .fig file
hold on
x = 1:0.01:pi*2;
plot(x, cos(x));

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