How to convert axis graphs in Matlab

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I have a step response from a transfer function...and when i plot me that graph with some scale,something like that:xaxis[0,10] and yaxis[-2.5,0] but i want to convert those values to these:xaxis[500,515] and yaxis[220.5,223.5]..keeping the same shape..someone can help me? i do that?..thanks.
(electrical and electronic engineer student)

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Ali Isik
Ali Isik on 14 Oct 2011
I think the solution could be adding 500 to every element in x vector and adding 222 to every element in y vector.
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Rui Borrego
Rui Borrego on 15 Oct 2011
I understand your answer..but i think it's not so easy like that..because i have a step response..something like this
an example:
y=[1 1 1];
so here how can i change the axis without change shape's graph?
Like you said...could be adding the others values but in this case i can´t...this is not a plot..

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Rui Borrego
Rui Borrego on 17 Oct 2011
It was like you's possible add values by the step command..thanks a lot!!!


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