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getting function as an argument of function
hi, i am writing a matlab script that take function f which is a function of x and y and evaluate function f for some values of...

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viewing spectrum of an audio signal in matlab
you should first read the audio signal using wavread() function. as a result of reading, the signal will be vectorized. after th...

12 years ago | 2

How to plot a graph for three variables?
My solution is using both left and right of x axis to plot y axises. To do it, you should use plotyy() function, Here is an exam...

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How to convert axis graphs in Matlab
I think the solution could be adding 500 to every element in x vector and adding 222 to every element in y vector.

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How to mark one specific point when plotting
As I understood you should 'hold on' the plot and plot the colored,squared point on it. The modified code is as follows; x = ...

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