std::exception error help

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Alex on 18 Mar 2015
Commented: nil co on 15 Dec 2018
I keep getting the below error in my script
Caught "std::exception" Exception message is:
Message Catalog MATLAB:services was not loaded from the file. Please check file location, format or contents
I have no idea what this error means. Please help

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Alex on 18 Mar 2015
I figured it out. I wasn't closing the files I had open from the directory and I ran out of file identifiers.
use this
nil co
nil co on 15 Dec 2018
thank you so much

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 18 Mar 2015
What does this say
which -all std
Mine looks like this:
>> which -all std
C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2014b\toolbox\matlab\datafun\std.m
C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2014b\toolbox\matlab\timeseries\@timeseries\std.m % timeseries method
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Guillaume on 18 Mar 2015
The error has nothing to do with a matlab function called std. It's matlab leaking a C++ exception. You can trigger a similar error with a simple dir command (still not fixed in R2015a).
The error message is completely unhelpful as it does not tell you which function is actually responsible for the error. Futhermore, it's not even possible to catch the error ( try ... catch doesn't work) nor break into the debugger when it occurs ( dbstop if error doesn't trip).

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Guillaume on 18 Mar 2015
Most likely, you've come across a bug in matlab. Unfortunately, the error message is generated by some underlying C++ code and has not been dealt with properly by matlab, so it's difficult to tell you what caused it.
If you can, post your script. Otherwise, execute your script one line at a time and find which line actually causes the error to occur and tell us what's on that line.
The error message is completely unhelpful and matlab shouldn't leak C++ error to the user, since there's nothing they can do about.

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